My Crafty Antidote to Lockdown Life

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With the year anniversary of the first lockdown we’ve all been reflecting on the impact on our lives.  For National Day of Reflection, it’s been useful to look back and consider our highs and lows, how we’ve learnt to cope and how we’ve adapted.  It’s a conversation worth sharing as our own experiences and practical techniques of maintaining our own wellbeing can help each other.



For myself, January of last year, work was going well.  It was an exciting time filled with hope and anticipation of where life was leading.  A new collaboration with a fab hotel led to a fun photoshoot; A new wedding fair; teaching a taster session at a local school trialling interest in flower arranging. These all came out of the blue just after Christmas.  Exciting activities hopefully laying the foundations for the rest of the year.

Obviously, this came to a pretty abrupt halt!  …only on-hold, but it still felt like a massive blow.  And this has been an experience shared by so many.  We’ve all battled on, day by day, week by week.  Who would have imagined that going into 2021 we’d still be in full lockdown? 

As with any year, going into January is a tough time but add lockdown in to boot and that’s not a happy prospect.  Thankfully, a new way through landed in my lap – well actually through the letterbox in the form of a Christmas present! I found a brand-new activity to carry me through this dark time. 

Long story, short (ish)..

I have been growing my hair for many, many months; not lock-down locks, but by choice!  Eventually it has reached a length I can tie back.  But the selection of hair accessories I’d found didn’t tempt me, so I thought I’d make my own.  Mum came to the rescue, providing me with a wonderful kit of fabrics, ribbons and accessories for Christmas. 

January arrived, and I set to making my own.  A new obsession was born.  I was pleased with the results, but more than that, they were so fun to make!  It has become my go-to activity.   


I now have a mounting pile of hairbands and scrunchies in all manner of colours and patterns, filling boxes and spilling out of drawers.  It’s been great to send these as surprise gifts to friends and family.  Soon Zoom calls will be fully bedecked in hair accessories galore! 

Floral headband and scrunchies using ‘The Rifle Paper Company’ fabric

Floralheadband01   Floralscrunchie01  

This simple activity has been a form of mindfulness for me.  Once I’m sat at the sewing machine I become totally absorbed in the process.  It is a welcome rest bite from daily anxieties and worries of what the future holds.  I feel like I’ve reconnected with the crafter inside me as well as gained a closer connection with Mum and my Sister-in-law; both prolific makers with an abundance of ideas and inspiration.    

I’m sharing this as my recommended lockdown cure, or at least a little pain relief…crafting; sharing your craft and spreading a little home-made joy.  Go for it…you won’t look back!


Themed set for a special friend who’s not afraid of a little fancy dress! 




What other activities or projects have you found to help with lockdown life? 

What new skills have you learnt? 

I’d love to know how you’ve found a path through these uncertain times.



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    Love this post, love my new headgear, love you too ?

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